IT departments have gone through a massive transformation in recent years. Their priority is no longer keeping computer systems up and running. There is a drive for technology to deliver added value, an increasing need to strengthen cybersecurity and the requirement to improve business effectiveness and ultimately performance. IT departments are rising up through supportive functions and are becoming an integrated aspect of the organisation’s business strategy.

This new mission brings a challenge to IT leaders who have by default operated from their heads rather than seek to engage others at a heart level.

We coach and mentor senior managers and IT leaders to develop these skills that enable IT departments to deliver true value to the organisation.


Mentoring is a critical part of workplace development. Working with someone independent and experienced in the role the mentee is undertaking gives positive opportunities to learn and explore different ways to tackle everyday challenges and projects. We provide mentoring services to senior and executive leaders working in the technology service and transformational change arenas

I4C Consulting

As a Leadership Coach, Paul works with your senior leaders to help them become more effective.

Paul's career has seen him lead operational business units, transformational change and service improvement programmes in a wide...


Coaching provides the individual with much more of a personal development pathWorking one to one, coaching will develop personal leadership qualities within you to help you become a better leader, and your organisation to become more successful. 


  1. Available to discuss and support you when you need it

  2. Plan and guide you through specific objectives


  1. Provide advice and guidance to challenges and real world situations that you may face

  2. Provide options and challenge where appropriate


  1. Work with you to motivate and build confidence

  2. Focus positive energy and deliver success 


Paul Davies, Executive Director of Business and Technology is an experienced strategy and transformational leader who coaches, mentors and advises IT leaders.

Technology is vital for accelerating success and IT leaders hold real power to help leverage and accelerate that business success. But to do so requires a complete transformation in their mindset and a degree of personal presence that will shift unhelpful perceptions from other departments so that technology is perceived as inspiring and life-changing

Paul believes that many IT leaders suppress their natural and human responses  to leadership because it can feel threatening to change cultural programming that has worked well for years. He believes that by creating a safe environment for the IT leader to explore their innate and authentic style builds higher levels of emotional intelligence and transforms their capability into engaging leaders that can truly influence and guide the business to higher levels of success.

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